Thank you for your continued patronage of Kyushu TMT Industry Co., Ltd.
Our company was established as Urae Heavy Machinery in 1985. Kyushu TMT Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and has mainly been engaged in installation work of steel structures and machinery and equipment. In 1996, we worked on the first bridge seismic retrofitting in the Kyushu area, and we have made many achievements with our unique technology that makes use of the installation technology that we have cultivated so far.

Furthermore, considering how to connect the various technologies cultivated to decarbonization, we built a large-scale solar power plant by our own design and construction and entered the power sales business. Based on this track record, we have received many orders for the production and installation of solar mounts for large-scale projects, and are working diligently to develop safe and secure products.

In addition, taking advantage of our experience in bridge erection and floodgate installation, we are participating in many large-scale projects such as steel structure production and on-site construction in the construction department.
In recent years, technological innovation in the construction industry has been remarkable, and we will continue to devote ourselves to the guidance and education of employees day and night in order to respond to the new era, and to contribute to society as much as possible. Thank you for your support.

Kyushu TMT Industry Co., Ltd.
CEO Takuji Urae

Corporate philosophy

Corporate mission

As a well-trained human group, we aim to be a company that impresses society by constantly creating new value and supporting industrial evolution.

Management goals

  • Contributing to the development of society as a good corporate citizen
  • Providing the best products in line with industrial evolution
  • Cultivating creative human resources by valuing on-site wisdom and sweat